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Nicola Docherty will be joining Comharra solutions as the brand and development manager. You’ll most likely have seen her in the office working on a couple of different projects with us already but as of today she’ll officially be joining the team!


We’re really pleased to have Nic joining us and it will mean that our social media will be getting an overhaul and will be continually updated. With that in mind she may be contacting you directly for info about projects going on in Systems and how we can develop our online presence and promote the services we offer, so we’d appreciate if you can be as helpful as possible with whatever she’s trying to get information about!


It will also mean that everyone who is happy to partake will be mentioned/have pictures shared in different posts relating to the work we do! If you have any objections to this please let her know as soon as possible and she will make sure to respect your wishes when posting updates about the company and employees!


Here’s a bit about Nic so you can get to know her better!

Nicola Docherty: Brand and Development Manager

Nic has been a creative soul since she came out the womb! From the moment she spoke her first words she was talking in different accents and she has never faltered in her love and ambition to carve a career within the creative industry!

Her first love - acting has led her into lots of wonderful work with incredible people and she hopes to continue on this path for years to come! Writing and Directing are also passions of Nic’s and she hopes to continue to learn, develop and hone her skills with some of the best in the biz!

Nic is excited to join the team to help develop the brand and can’t wait to see what exciting future projects she can get us involved in!

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