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Industry leading photogrammetry drone mapping and virtual 3D space creation. We can help you create a 3D digital twin of any physical space, helping you capture new clients and grow your business.  

We are using

Phantom 4 RTK

which produces high-resolution drone maps

and 3D measurements that are accurate

to within a few centimetres,

RTK Horizontal


Positioning Accuracy

RTK Vertical

1.5cm+1ppmPositioning Accuracy

Absolute Horizontal

5cm* Accuracyof Photogrammetric Models



2D Map

Detailed 2D orthomosaic maps can be utilised across a range of industries, including construction and infrastructure.

These maps - containing a vast collection of high-resolution imagery - provide an accurate and up-to-date real-world view, helping rapid decision-making and analysis.

Use them to spot mistakes, monitor progress, use as a CAD overlay, and conduct urban or public safety planning.

3D Models

Interactive, georeferenced 3D models provide valuable insights. They can be used to conduct calculations and for remote inspections.

These digitised models can be used for CAD and BIM-related purposes, something which is at the forefront of modern construction.

Volumetric Survey

Drones can be used to create volumetric models, useful for stockpile measurements, for instance.

Traditional stockpile measurements when using GPS or Total Stations are inhibited by the limited sample data which can be collected. Instead of using a spot grid with a point every 5 metres, a drone can collect a point with a ground sample distance of 1cm creating a much better sampled and more accurate data set.


Equip your drone with a LiDAR camera to produce a high-density point cloud. LiDAR is particularly effective for mapping densely-vegetated areas, collecting data in low-light environments and helping to detect small features, such as wires and cabling.

A LiDAR map is useful for industries such as forestry, agriculture/landscaping and public safety.

Digital Surface Models

Use 3D data to produce a Digital Elevation Model, Digital Surface Model, or Digital Terrain Model (DTM), to give a visual representation of the surface of the earth and its features.

These assets are useful for areas such as infrastructural management, hydrology managing coastal erosion, archaeology, flow-direction studies, land-use and city planning, and following landslides.

Visual Surveys

Drones can be used for producing visual surveys. A visual drone survey and drone inspection can be carried out to check powerlines or conduct roof inspections.

Using a drone to do this is more efficient, cheaper and safer than traditional methods, removing the requirement for staff to erect scaffolding and work at height.

Thermal Surveys

A drone with a thermal camera can quickly identify targets with abnormal heat signatures.

Thermal surveys can help to identify heat loss, in order to improve energy efficiency; can identify water leaks or moisture ingress; or faults with wiring and other electrical components.

Agricultural Surveys

A multispectral drone survey can provide farmers with a wealth of insights.

These help them to increase crop production, monitor and inspect crop growth, build a richer picture of their fields, improve farming efficiency, and maximise outputs.


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