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A message to the private security industry

Sia’s Christmas Message Key points breakdown

You can view the full message here:

• There are now a record number of 431,000 SIA licence holders. Whether you work in offices, protecting property, night-time economy, hospitals, close protection or the high street – thank you for helping to protect people, premises and property across the UK.

• We recently launched a series of stories to mark 20 years since the SIA was set up, aiming to help the public to understand the value and positive impact of private security and its regulation. We will be sharing more of your stories as we approach the anniversary of issuing the first SIA licences in April 2004.

• You work in challenging situations and sadly some of you face unacceptable abuse. We urge all those who deploy and employ security to do everything they can to prevent unacceptable violence against staff, ensure it is reported to the police and those affected are properly supported.

• We pay tribute to all those who were injured or lost their lives whilst on duty over the last year.

• We remain committed to regulating as effectively and efficiently as possible, without compromising public safety. We have reduced the licence fee and launched new videos about the application process. Most applications are completed in either 5 or 25 working days, depending on complexity. We are pleased that most of you remain highly satisfied with our licensing services.

• We were pleased to announce the approval of a government-funded security apprenticeship. Through initiatives like this and the Skills Board we will continue to support you to achieve higher professional standards.

• The 2023 King’s Speech mentioned the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, known as ‘the Protect Duty’ or ‘Martyn’s Law’. If it becomes law, it will mean many UK venues will need to take steps to protect their users and staff against the potential impact of a terrorist attack. As the Bill continues its progress, we will continue to work with the Home Office and others promoting the Bill to ensure the private security industry is ready to play its part.

2023 has been a successful year for Comharra Systems and we hope to bring our work ethic and ethos of “being the solution to our clients’ needs” into 2024 whilst working towards the renewal of our SIA licence!

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