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Methane gas vs Hydrogen gas

Why we opt to use methane in our hybrid towers

Here at Systems we try to do our part in assisting Scotland in achieving their NET 0 Initiative. With that in mind we have had some clients ask us why we choose to use Methane gas compared with the more widely recognised Hydrogen gas when powering our Hybrid Towers.

You may have seen a post on our social media last week detailing why we use Methane gas, but we also want to reiterate it here – thus allowing you to have a clear and concise explanation for any clients who may ask you about it!

Aligning with and working towards the Net 0 initiative is incredibly important to us at Comharra and we endeavour to utilise green methods to power our security towers. Although both gases have a very similar emissions result, it is the process in which Methanol is made and how much more eco-friendly it is in terms of upkeep that makes it a better choice for us!

It has a more naturally occurring start to its life as a gas and only requires us to replenish its source every 3 months as opposed to 3 weeks. This is both more cost effective for our company and eco-friendly as a product.

Methane, a colourless and odourless gas, is the primary component of natural gas. It is lighter than air and insoluble in water. It readily burns in air making it a suitable candidate for energy generation. Methane's relative abundance on Earth's surface and clean burning process make it the best choice for us to utilise in our products!

If you’d like to learn a little more about why we use the gas and how best to communicate it to our clients please feel free to send either Mark an email!

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