Tank Control Room

Survey date of capture: 02nd July 2020

Point Cloud provided by Comharra


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Reference From All Angles

Great projects are built on solid foundations and it's no different for our 3D visualisation. Onsite, we capture as much information as we can, using geoloacted images from the sky and at ground level, meaning that we can create high quality assets of your projects and provide you with any of our reference materials. 

High Fidelity 3D Mesh

By using the data we collect from our highly detailed surveys we can recreate project relevant structures in 3D to provide visuals to share with your team and clients.

We've produced a few examples to better understand the many uses of the data we collect. This can be of existing structures as they stand or visualising a project at completion.



It can be hard to visualise or convey your projects to clients and peers. Your project may need a more striking visual or have technical details only a full 3D model will show. Our years of industrial experience in 3D visualisation allows us to create cleaner virtual environments, objects and structures that better convey the data collected and delivers presentable results.


We also offer more in depth data scans and can capture your project inside and out with full-colour panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. We use laser 3D scanning technology to capture the environment in 3D. In addition we use LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors to offer thermal imaging and 360˚ images.