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Mark Peberdy

Our Managing Director, Mark obtained his broadcast production degree in 2011 which allowed him to focus on directing documentary style filmmaking. Whilst studying at UWS he began his career as a video journalist at URTV where he spent the next 4 years directing and creating a mixture of documentary style films and news coverage of stories, Finding Your Feet is one documentary in particular that Mark is especially proud of. During this time, he helped develop and grow what once was Helensburgh TV into multiple hyperlocal internet based TV channels which were accessible across the country in the form of the URTV Network.

His passion for story telling eventually led him away from strictly factual storytelling that is video journalism to pursue a more creative and fulfilling outlet in directing for film and TV, and he hasn’t looked back since!

Mark’s background has taught him many lessons in the world of filmmaking; the experience he picked up through directing a variety of different film/music video projects and coaching American football have taught him how to keep an eye on the bigger picture and lead/manage large teams of people in a positive and encouraging way to achieve success. The creation of Comharra Solutions allowed Mark to run his own ship and breathe life into productions he is truly passionate about.

His strong directorial vision allows him to continually problem solve, encourage his employees and crew to work in the most effective and healthy way possible and to give actors a chance to perform without restriction, and feel encouraged to embrace their characters and follow the well-planned out journey Mark has created for them. 


Through working in different sectors of a film crew Mark has gained a deep understanding and experience of other job roles within a production, which makes him more engaging and personable when working with people in these roles. His latest credits, the award-winning short film Bound and BBC Studio’s Death Drop Demon saw Mark undertake the role of Director and Co-Director respectively.


Mark manages the day-to-day aspects of all areas of Comharra while still very much keeping his love of film making, special effects and storytelling his main focus and drive




Bound dives into a complex story, delivered in a short form. It follows Shelly's journey with her A.I companion C.H.A.R.L.I.E.
After a climate disaster.
Producer / Director / D.O.P


Good Girls

The girls are tasked with removing a demon drag queen that died via death drop from the gay bar she is terrorising
Co-Director / D.O.P

Crown Cover showreal.jpg


Misophonia - El Silencio Será Eterno (Official Music Video) Producer / D.O.P

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-14 at 14.59.15.jpeg

Life Line

Lifeline features a dramatic interaction between two brothers. In the final moments before a solar flare destroys all life on earth.
Producer / Director


The Defender

Vigilante comes face to face with her demons while tracking down criminals tied to her past.
Special Effects


sick slave narrative picture.jpg

Profit Zero

Profit Zero - Sick Slave (Official Music Video)
Producer / D.O.P

Poster-686x1016mm - secondary.jpg


One-Upped features a comedy quad attempting to one-up each other in a prank war that escalates beyond all expectation.
Producer / Director / D.O.P




Ruadh - Sack Of Berwick
(Official Music Video)
Producer / D.O.P



Profit Zero

Action/Horror Short Film - Unknown Entity
Producer / D.O.P


  • 2006 - 2008 - James Watt College
    3D Computer Animation

  • 2008 - 2009 - University of the West of Scotland
    Bachelor of Science (BSc)
    3D Computer Animation and Multimedia

  • 2009 - 2011 - University of the West of Scotland
    Bachelor of Arts (BA)hons
    Broadcast Production

On Set

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