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Corporate Video: Scottish Canals and Mackenzie

Glasgow’s Smart Canal project used the existing canal infrastructure of the Forth & Clyde Canal to create an automated drainage system rather than the conventional solution which would have involved constructing new tunnels through the city.

The project is estimated to have saved 5,000t CO2e and operational savings of 30,000t CO2e (equivalent to 85 million vehicle miles).

There has already been a wide level of dissemination of the project, with presentations of the concept at the World Canal Conference and the Scotland Flood Risk Management Conference 2020.

The concept has seen wide recognition at industry award ceremonies, scooping awards for Sustainable Drainage & Flood Management Initiative of the Year at the 2021 Water Industry Awards, the ‘Greatest Contribution to Scotland’, award at the Scottish Civil Engineering Awards and Industry Transformation and Innovation Champion, and Initiative of the Year at the British Construction Industry Awards.

Full 4k Video can be found here:

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