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At Comharra, we aim to make our costs affordable, fair and realistic for all of our clients. Our video production price guide has been designed to suit all budgets whilst maintaining the highest quality of video standards.


Corporate Video Costs

Corporate videos produced in the UK can cost anywhere from £500 to £25,000.

On average a 2-3 minute video will cost between £1500 and £5000.

Shooting access, number of shooting days, graphics and animation are main factors in overall cost.


Corporate Video Facts

93% of businesses who use video believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service.

By supporting their customer base with informational videos, 36% of businesses believe that they’ve received less support queries as a result.


Of the 45% of business owners who use video on their homepage, 83% say that it is effective at retaining clients time spent on their website.

61% of businesses use video as a key marketing tool. Leaving 39% of businesses up to 10 years behind the current market!

Fact source


Quality in Production

We provide high quality video production for all budgets. Each project is  unique and requires specific tailoring to hit the mark for both client and customer alike. As standard, all our projects are:

• Completely free in Consultation.
• Professionally advised throughout.
• Delivered in full HD quality, 1920 x 1080 or tailored to social media aspects.

• Include basic motion graphics and animation.

• Allow amendments to the final video.

Additionally, we can:
• Produce your video in full 4K resolution.
• Create bespoke audio and/or music for the production.
• Supply detailed 2D/3D animation to enrich your visuals.

Corporate Video Packages

Starting at £2000

Event Video Packages

Starting at £1500

Interview Filming

Starting at £950

Explainer Video

Starting at £450

• Video Duration of up to 2 minutes.
• 1 Onsite day, on location/studio.
• 4 day post production.
• Basic Motion Graphics/Animation.
• Basic Audio.


• Video Duration of up to 90 seconds.
• 1 day event filming.
• 3 day post production.
• Basic Motion Graphics/Animation.
• Basic Audio.


• Video Duration of up to 5 minutes.
• 1 day filming.
• 2 day post production.
• Basic Motion Graphics/Animation.
• Basic Audio.

• 1 Minute of animation.
• Client Provided script.
• Single Music Track.
• No voiceover.

Corporate Video Quote
Event Video Quote
Interview Filming Quote
Explainer Video Quote

We believe that if a picture says 1000 words: 25 pictures a second is a conversation worth having.

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