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Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. You can watch him take his first steps below:
The surface of the moon is covered in CRATERS. These are caused by asteroids or moon rocks hitting the moon.
A hippopotamus like to swish its tail back and forth while it poops!  This is really funny looking. Especially if you can hear it.
Yup the Sloth only has to poo once a week! They do this because when they do poo its dangerous and they might get eaten by other animals.
12! Only 12 people have walked on the moon. That is not very many people at all.
Wallace and Gromit decided to build a rocket in his house because he ran out of cheese and thought the moon was made of cheese. You can watch a little bit below.

Well done moonpooer! You have completed level 1.
Make sure to check emails for when level 2 comes out.

But until then the secret boss of the club wants you to draw him your best picture of the rocket you would make to get to the moon! Send it to him via email:

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